The company’s informationization has reached national advanced level by applying information technology to its entire business operating, including administration, financial affairs and production. We have founded an Information management system basing on core business process, focusing on the management of staff, finance and materials, to integrate the company’s information flow, capital flow, material flow and work flow, realize the informationization of the company’s internal business process and external e-commerce, and improve its managing level.

            We adopt the principles of overall planning, step-by-step implementation, emphasize practical results and gradually improvement in planning and implementation. And take the steps of setting limited goals and stressing on key tasks to serve for the core business and dominant business process of the company.

            The collaborative platform acts as the information portal of the company, which takes cooperative work, systems data acquisition and data integration as the core, offers all employees an internal communication platform, and established a reports integration platform of various businesses of the company for directors at all levels. At the same time, it enables the single sign-on system and unified message warning, and adopts the business processing and control system which includes the customer relationship management system, Project management information system, financial management information system, human resource management system, remote video system, network video conference system, cost budget control system and network class.