DR.AZ GROUP CO. LTD is located at Jining of Shandong Province, the capital city along Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, with a registered capital of RMB139,990,000. The company has over 300 national-level premier constructors and associate constructors and more than 3000 construction&testing equipment. At present, the company possesses Grade- qualifications as general contractor in four fields, i.e. electric power construction, architectural construction, petrochemical construction, as well as ME (mechanical & electrical) construction. Other qualifications and certificates include: Grade-2 qualifications as general contractor in municipal /public utility construction; contracting qualifications in steel structure execution, fire fighting facilities, anti-corrosion insulation, building intellectualization and electronic engineering; installation /maintenance /testing contractor certificates of electric power facilities; Grade-1 installation&alteration qualifications for boiler, qualifications in installation of pressure piping&vessel, and qualifications in erection, measurement, safety training of cranes; overseas contracting&project running certificate; and recognized certificate from CNAL (China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories).

            The company adheres to a progressive strategy of “Gaining foothold in Shandong; fulfilling advance nationwide; developing market worldwide”. Its business covers thirty provinces (or municipalities and automatic regions) across China, as well as abroad in Iraq, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, etc.

            DR.AZ stresses importance on its cultural progress and develops its own culture along the improvement and growth, formed core value as being “honest and cooperative”, enterprise spirit “accumulating for long-term development; striving for extraordinarily excellence”, marketing concept “those who work with diligence and perseverance will be helped and rewarded” and regard our clients as the upmost. Guided by such believes, we devote ourselves to serve the company’s clients and the society, and to provide our clients over-value service with gorgeous technique.

            The company always fulfill its contract faithfully and uphold integrity management, with leading construction quality in the industry, and had created a multitude of excellent projects at provincial, ministerial and national level. We had been awarded three times the “Luban Award”, which is the highest national award for construction engineering quality, and been honored as the “Highly Honored Enterprise Endeavoring Projects for Luban Award” . Other honors include “One Hundred Classic Projects 60 Years Since PRC’s Foundation”, “Golden Award for National Quality Project”, “National Quality Project Award ”“China Power Engineering Quality Award”and “Star of China’s Installation Industry”. Besides, DR.AZ also won dozens of “Mount-Tai Cup”, the highest award for quality projects of Shandong Province, as well as other provincial prizes for its projects in other provinces, such as“Tianshan-Mountains Prize”,“Yangtze Cup”, “Quality Project Award of Hebei Province”, etc.

            As a superior corporation, DR·AZ took the lead in conforming to Quality/Environment/Occupational Health and Safety Integrated Management System Certification in the industry, and had been repeatedly rated as “Advanced Collective”, “Civilization Unit”, “National AAA Grade Credit Unit of Construction Industry”, “Advanced Construction Unit of Shandong Province”, “Advanced Unit for Safety Production”, “National Advanced Unit in Quality & Safety Management”, “National AAA Grade Credit Unit” and “Standardized Five-Star Unit for Enterprise Statistics of Shandong Province” by government authorities and industry associations; been awarded “Management Excellence Award” and “Excellence Certified Unit” by CQM (China Quality Mark Certification Grou); It also acts as the director unit of Shandong Boiler & Welding Professional Committee. In addition to all these, DR·AZ has been rated by more than one bank with business contact as a corporation with “AAA Grade Credit” , and been certified as “Trustworthy Enterprise of Shandong Province” by Administration for Industry and Commerce and Enterprise Credit and Social Responsibility  Association of Shandong Province, as well as by Shandong Banking Association as one of the “Most Trustworthy Debtor for Credit Business”.DR.AZ’s trademark was determined as “Famous Trademarks of Shandong Province”.