Sishui Shengyuan Cogeneration Project Realize Heating Supply On Time

      Director of the Owner send a silk banner to DR.AZ

      On Jan. 26th 2016, director of Sishui Shengyuan Cogeneration Co., Ltd. brought a silk banner with a word Peoples livelihood remembered; sweat dripped at Shengyuan, Sishui to Mr. Sun Kuiye, chairman of DR.AZ.

      Sishui Shengyuan cogeneration project was contracted by the Second Branch of DR.AZ Group. By elaborate construction organization with numerous difficulties, the project department put No. 3 boiler into operation and realized heating supply for Sishui County area in 2015. The scheduled object was successfully completed. The high-level management, credit consciousness and professional ethics on DR.AZers impressed the owner deeply. For the gratitude, Sishui Shengyuan Cogeneration Co., Ltd. sent a congratulatory message and their director brought a silk banner to DR.AZ personally.